Christian Ferreira, South Africa/UK - Gardens, Art, and South Africa

Aimar Arriola, Spain - The Animal and the AIDS Archive

Paula Zambrano, Mexico - Curating Contingency

Dimitra Gkitsa, Albania - Trans-generational Memory and the Communist Past in South-East Europe

Christian Nyampeta, Rwanda/Dutch - Conviviality and Solitude: Tactics and Interventional Tools


Suzana Milevska, Macedonia - Gender Difference in the Balkans: Archives of representations of gender difference and agency in visual culture and contemporary art in the Balkans

Roberto Cavallini, Italy - Critical Inheritance: Pier Paolo Pasolini and the Problem of Tradition

Cihat Arinc, Turkey - Postcolonial Ghosts In New Turkish Cinema: Dervis Zaim’s Politics of Memory

Anshuman Dasgupta, India - Project Borderlands: A Multi-Sited Curatorial and Anthropological Probing in Selected Parts of India

Adnan Madani, Pakistan - The Shape of Present Time; Art, History and Traumatic Contemporaneity

Je Yun Moon, South Korea - The Equalitarian Dance: The Politics of Choreography

Roopesh Sitharan, Malaysia - Unravelling the Malaysian Body: Subjectivity and Art Practice

Jessica Holtaway, UK - Micro-political Interventions and Globalization

Goldsmiths: Research Students

“Language is only one among those system of marks that simultaneously incline towards increasing the reserves of random indetermination as well as the capacity for coding and over coding. Such a competition between randomness and code disrupts the very systematicity of the system while it also, however, regulates the restless, unstable interplay of the system.” Jacques Derrida.