In a world dazed by a trillion daily photographs, the idea of selecting and showing a few more is both ludicrous and pathetic. It shows a complete disregard for the deluge of ever more professional photographic achievements that are uploaded every hour across the globe on hundreds of online image-sharing communities such as Instagram, Pinterest, or Imgur. And yet the imperative of sharing an archive of snaps testifies of a passing on earth, a testimony that has no equal, even if the clichés abound. The 24 photos below reflect this passing on earth, random photographic annotations of particular terrains or topographies witnessed. The theme uniting these shots is the landscape, this genre that bears witness to a nature that always defies human capture. The chosen photographs are both repetitive and featureless. They won’t entertain. Their monochromatic character claims no aesthetic ambition, except to further restrict the palette and therefore the entertainment value. They span two decades, which explains a little their occasional poor quality. None use image-editing software. In the future, more will be added on Instagram when the occasion arises, negatives can be found, or databases are recovered.

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