Already a year. Bridget, you always remain in our thoughts.

The following text was read at Bridget Crone’s memorial event on the Tuesday 21 February 2023, Hollybush Gardens, London. Goodbye Bridget. This is not a farewell forever. This is a friendly parting. For we know full well That we will not “see,” but “be” again together.

With the Word, in its Poor Fleshiness

Nicolas Poussin, Eucharist, c.1637-40, Dulwich Picture Gallery

Paper presented at a Sacred Traditions and the Arts Seminar Series, titled “The Art Museums, the Sacred, and Theology,” organised by The Courtauld and King’s College, London, on Monday 6th November 2023 This paper is a response to Daniel A. Siedell’s paper “Theology as Curatorial Practice: An Experiment.”[1] I will focus this response on the overall intention of Daniel’s project, … Read More

Curatorial Intuition

George Socka, Clarkson Suncor Refinery, October 2012

Paper Presented at the College Arts Association Annual Conference 2022, Chicago, 18 February 2022 In this short paper, I would like to address the topic of a particular kind of curatorial intuition and to show that intuition is often at the heart of many curatorial endeavours today.[1] In order to do so, I will focus on a specific exhibition, The … Read More

Justice as Gratefulness

Forces Occultes

Paper presented at the session, “Grievance: Justice in Time,” 2022 MLA Annual Convention, Washington D.C., 6 January 2022. 1. My Father’s Wrong In 1943, twenty-two years before I was born, my father agreed to write the music for a 43-minute-long film called Forces occultes: Les Mystères de la Francmasonerie (henceforth referred to in English as Occult Forces), directed by Paul … Read More

On Curatorial Mastery

MACBA Buenos Aires

I was recently asked to review ten years of work of an internationally recognised curator in view of a promotion. Most of the material reviewed consisted in pamphlets, press releases, press cuttings, catalogues, brochures, and images, basically all the usual paraphernalia testifying of a curator’s accomplishments. I cannot obviously name this curator since the review process was supposedly anonymous. However, … Read More

An Open Letter to Saskia Hubert on Hope Amidst COVID-19

Dear Saskia, Thank you for suggesting me to write this blog post. I’ve been meaning to do this for a few weeks now, but the endless stream of urgencies provoked by the historic event we are currently experiencing left me despondent, restless, confused, angry, anxious, and mostly lost for words. Your kind challenge has forced me to channel my thoughts … Read More

A Short Note on Invulnerability

This log entry is a transcription of a very short intervention at a Research Ethics Seminar, Goldsmiths College, University of London, on Tuesday 9 May 2019. The topic of the seminar was Vulnerability in Academic Research Ethics. As always with these quick and, needless to say, seriously under-researched interventions, the aim is not scholarly or scientific rigour, but the provocation … Read More

Pavel Filonov’s Victory

In this—as usual, far too long—post, I will try to make sense of a painterly victory over eternity. How can a painter title his painting a victory over eternity? Victory over Eternity [1920-21] is one of the few entirely abstract paintings by the Russian “proletarian painter”[1] Pavel Nikolaevich Filonov. Unlike his other compositions and unlike other Cubo-Futurist paintings of the … Read More

I don’t do blogs. I don’t do them because I’m always behind the pace of life. As soon as an issue is worth blogging about, it very quickly ceases to be blog worthy. So I capitulate to the pace of life, endlessly postponing the entry until it loses its relevance. But I am not dead yet, so in the defiance of the inevitable, I give here a Log of ideas and reflections intermixed with some news. Please leave a comment if these scattered thoughts or news resonate in you.